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You'll never be left in the dark when you arm your fire department or other organization invests in quality fire pagers from Lawton Communications, LLC. Get brand name models for less!

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Make sure that your team can always communicate with each other by investing in our powerful hand-held portable radios.

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Change the alert tones, program the channel spacing, and record voices with your versatile and powerful fire pager.

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 •  Bandwidth options

 •  Improved paging sensitivity

 •  Tremendous stored voice capacity

 •  Single and dual channel modes

 •  Wide- and narrow-band

    programmable channel spacing

 •  Silent and priority scans

 •  And much, much more!

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Respond quickly to emergencies! Get a fire pager from the most reliable name in radio communications.


Bandwidth Options Minitor VI


Improved paging sensitivity To receive signals consistently over a wide area, even with a weak signal.


Expanded alert tones As many as 12 programmable tones, including new musical options, are available to communicate specific alerts.


Tremendous stored voice capacity Recording time increased to eight minutes.


Rugged dependability Sturdy housing and solid, responsive knob action.


Customizable options along with dependable reception


Single and Dual Channel models


Wide and Narrow-band programmable channel spacing (VHF and UHF models only)


Expanded Stored Voice Records up to 8 minutes of voice message for playback


Silent Scan (Dual Frequency model) Scans both channels silently, alerts on either channel


Priority Scan (Dual Frequency model) Plays all traffic on Channel 2, alerts on Channel 1


Speaker/Earphone Jack


12 Alert Tones Per Channel Supports 8 two-tone pairs and 4 long-tone alerts


Programmable Music Alerts Supports 10 different musical alerts


Function Mode Announcement (Stored Voice option) Announces operating programmed mode


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